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  1. In the section "Adding the Change-Id field," it references a "Commit-Id: field."  Is this a typo?  If not, it is confusing and should be clarified.  Thank you

  2. It would be useful to add a section to this document on conventions to follow when porting a change from one branch to another (e.g. porting a change from master to b2_5).

    Is it recommended to retain the entire commit message from the source change?  What about the "Signed-off-by:" line?  Should the person who commits the ported change add a "Signed-off-by:" line with their name and email?  I would assume lines in the source commit message starting with "Change-Id:", "Reviewed-by:", and "Tested-by:" should be omitted from the new commit message.  Are there any other conventions or instructions to follow?

  3. @Ryan Haasken: there is already the Commit Comments page that mentions the Lustre-change: and Lustre-commit: tags for ported patches.  I added a couple of examples for ported patches, and will improve this with some explanations there.

  4. Very good document. I suggest to add 'troubleshoot' section with error message(s) and resolution. thanks.