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************ DRAFT (work in progress) ****************


The purpose of this document is to list MDT changelog record types, the cases when they are triggered, and give a description of their content.

  • CL_HSM
    This record type is triggered for HSM-specific events (archive, restore...).
    tfid indicates the targeted object
    include information about the event or action, its completion status, and additional information about HSM status.
    It can be acessed using the folowing helpers:
    • hsm_get_cl_event(cr_flags) returns the type of event or action:

              - HE_ARCHIVE: an 'archive' action completed
              - HE_RESTORE: a 'restore' action completed
              - HE_CANCEL: an HSM action was canceled
              - HE_RELEASE: file objects have been released
              - HE_REMOVE: remove action has been processed by the copytool
              - HE_STATE: HSM state bits have changed

    • hsm_get_cl_error(cr_flags) returns the status for this action:
              - on success: CLF_HSM_SUCCESS
              - on failure: a value between 0x01 and CLF_HSM_MAXERROR=0x7E (error code)
             - CLF_HSM_ERROVERFLOW if the error code is greater than CLF_HSM_MAXERROR
    • hsm_get_cl_flags(cr_flags) returns a bitmask about HSM status
              - (mask & CLF_HSM_DIRTY): indicate the file is dirty

pfid and name fields are not set in CL_HSM records.

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