In addition to the Lustre code, a number of tools exist to help maintain a Lustre filesystem


e2fsprogs is a set of utilities for maintaining ext2, ext3 and ext4 filesystems. Lustre servers using ldiskfs require the Lustre-specific version of e2fsprogs to create and check ldiskfs filesystems because of features that have not yet landed into the upstream e2fsprogs.   The filefrag utility included in the Lustre e2fsprogs is also useful on the client to report file block allocations for striped files (the standard filefrag utility can work with 1-stripe files).

Getting e2fsprogs

We recommend using the latest binary, pre-built RPMs from the Whamcloud download site.

Installing e2fsprogs

e2fsprogs and e2fsprogs-libs must be simultaneously installed with rpm -U:

rpm -Uvh ./e2fsprogs-1.41.90.wc2-7.el6.x86_64.rpm  ./e2fsprogs-libs-1.41.90.wc2-7.el6.x86_64.rpm


Lustre-tar is a modified version of tar, patched to enhance tar on a Lustre filesystem.
Whamcloud provide a tar 1.19 with specific patches.
These patches include:

  • Support for xattrs - necessary to record file and directory striping information.
  • fix for: --sparse fails to restore file names longer than 100 chars from PAX header LU-504.
  • Optimization for Lustre-tar on completely sparse files LU-682.

NOTE RHEL 6.{0,1,2} package a version of tar includes xattr patches necessary to record striping. However, depending on your use case, you may wish to use the Whamcloud build on RHEL 6.{0,1,2}.

tar from RHEL 6.3

The release of RHEL 6.3 includes tar version tar 1.26, which has support for backup and restore of xattrs and sparse files optimization. Using the RHEL 6.3 or later version of tar alleviates the needs for the Lustre-specific version available below.

Getting lustre-tar

Lustre-tar is available as source and pre-built x86 and x86_64 RPMs for RHEL.


Lustre-diagnostics is a tool to that enables system debugging. The tool works by collecting relevant system and Lustre configuration information. The information is saved into a standard format.

Getting lustre-diagnostics

Lustre-diagnostics is available from the Whamcloud download site. The code consists of a series of scripts.


Lustre-iokit is a suite of tools for benchmarking Lustre systems, from the underlying disks, to the OST filesystem, the network, through to the client.

Getting lustre-iokit

The installation and source rpms for lustre-iokit are available in the RPMS and SRPMS directories for each Lustre release, available from the Whamcloud download site.

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