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Version 2.7.0

Server support for kernels:

RHEL 6.6 ( 2.6.32-504.8.1.el6)

Client support for unpatched kernels:

RHEL 6.6 (2.6.32-504.8.1.el6)

 RHEL 7 (3.10.0-123.20.1.el7)

 SLES11 SP3 (3.0.101-0.46)

PROPOSED: SLES 12 (3.12)

Recommended e2fsprogs version:


Interoperability Support:

  • PROPOSED: Upgrade and Interop (clients and servers) with latest 2.4.x, latest 2.5.x, or latest 2.6.x release

  • PROPOSED: Upgrade only with 2.6.0

Issues fixed between 2.6.0 and 2.7.0

New Features

LU-1996Fine-grained job activity tracking using changelogs
LU-2456Dynamic LNet Config Main Development Work
LU-4665utils: lfs setripe to specify OSTs
LU-4788LFSCK 3: MDT-MDT consistency verification
LU-3291IU UID/GID Mapping Feature (Preview Only)


LU-991cleanup LMV for DNE
LU-1452LFSCK 4: Improve inode iteration for uninitialized groups
LU-1453LFSCK 4: Improve OI scrub trigger strategy: do not trigger urgent OI scrub on the whole system if only few inconsistent OI entries are found
LU-3072add more operations to racer
LU-3373ldiskfs patches for FC19
LU-3613Get parent_fid + name for an entry
LU-3963cleanup libcfs wrappers
LU-4735Build Xeon Phi client RPMs for SuSE SLES SP2,SP3
LU-4821osd-zfs: get rid of udmu wrappers
LU-4928LLAPI file lease helpers
LU-4993support for 3.14 linux kernel
LU-5061add lnb_ prefix to members of struct niobuf_local
LU-5276ldiskfs patches for FC19
LU-5306Change downloads.{,} to, and update other whamcloud URLs
LU-5322support for 3.16 linux kernel
LU-5363kernel update [SLES11 SP3 3.0.101-0.35]
LU-5390Lustre's wireshark plugin needs to have its download URL updated
LU-5435Simulate message loss and high latency in LNet
LU-5443Remove references to defined constant HZ
LU-5485first mount always fail with avoid_asym_router_failure
LU-5531Add debug message to match extent to RPC
LU-5538Allow the use of changelog traces
LU-5557enqueue and reint RPC are not tracked in MDS stats
LU-5596Remove obsolete global variable in LNET code
LU-5613unused variable in tgt_brw_read()
LU-5743Update ZFS/SPL version to 0.6.3-1.1
LU-5772osd-zfs: comment over __osd_xattr_load() really belongs to __osd_xattr_get()
LU-5795kernel update [SLES11 SP3 3.0.101-0.40]
LU-5820LFSCK 4: Record linkEA verification history in RAM
LU-5850DLC: lnet_startup_lndnis should clean up after itself
LU-5866add --disable-zfs to lbuild script
LU-6003DLC: startup Router Checker when it is required
LU-6028Move definition of LDLM_GID_ANY to lustre_dlm.h
LU-6069kernel update [SLES11 SP3 3.0.101-0.46]
LU-6074synchronize clio.txt with CLIO changes
LU-6175Check health status for MDS, MGS and OSD


LU-1154CLIO does not send parent FID with OBD_MD_FLFID to OST on setattr
LU-1279failure trying to mount two targets at the same time after boot
LU-1399lustre_cfg_new should return NULL instead of ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM)
LU-1445fid on OST landing
LU-1669lli->lli_write_mutex (single shared file performance)
LU-1706Building debian modules for Lustre 2.1.x fails on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS
LU-2182Add llapi_file_get_layout() function in liblustreapi
LU-2610sanity test_103: ACL copy failed zfs - umask ignored
LU-2740lustre utils should support '--version'
LU-2833Test failure on test suite sanity, subtest test_48a
LU-2872Test timeout failure on test suite sanity-quota test_1
LU-3181open by FID for write with O_LOV_DELAY_CREATE fails for files on MDT1
LU-3192LBUG:(osc_request.c:1308:osc_brw_prep_request()) ASSERTION( i == 0 || pg->off > pg_prev->off )
LU-3261Threads stuck in osc_enter_cache when testing LU-1669
LU-3270ptlrpcd strnlen crash trying to log a message
LU-3331Crash during mount/umount during stress testing
LU-3353import_sec_validate_get() import ffff88061d4a7000 (FULL) with no sec
LU-3455Test failure replay-single, test_20b: after 23936 > before 9600
LU-3456Remove or refactor "ost_connect failed" message
LU-3573lustre-rsync-test test_8: @@@@@@ FAIL: Failure in replication; differences found.
LU-3660Can't disable ACL support with ZFS MDT
LU-3676Error setting llite.max_cached_mb on MGS
LU-3703Failure on test suite sanity test_234: getfattr should have failed with ENOMEM
LU-3716mds-survey ASSERTION( lu_device_is_mdt(o->lo_dev) )
LU-3727LBUG (llite_nfs.c:281:ll_get_parent()) ASSERTION(body->valid & OBD_MD_FLID) failed
LU-4075osd_xattr_get()) ASSERTION( buf->lb_len == sizeof(dt_obj_version_t) ) failed:
LU-4090OST unavailable due to possible deadlock
LU-4119recovery time hard doesn't limit recovery duration
LU-4167Interop 2.4.1<->2.5 failure on test suite conf-sanity test_32d: unknown param max_dirty_mb
LU-4176Test failure on test suite sanity-hsm, subtest test_31a
LU-4178Test failure on test suite sanity-hsm, subtest test_200
LU-4181lnet-selftest test_smoke: lst error found
LU-4217Eliminate acl warning for acl mount option in ll_options
LU-4298'lfs setstripe' with bad values creates an empty file that has no striping information
LU-4334With ZFS can only declare a single mgsnode for MDT or OST
LU-4367unlink performance regression on lustre-2.5.52 client
LU-4441sanity test_60a: Module llog_test is in use
LU-4458Interop 2.5.0<->2.6 failure on test suite recovery-small test_9
LU-4480cfs_fail_timeout id 214 sleeping for -1000ms
LU-4503Panic with lu_ref checks enabled
LU-4539mdt_intent_opc converts any error from mdt_unpack_req_pack_rep into -EPROTO
LU-4648inode deletion transaction does not count large EA inode deletion credits
LU-4656Sanity MOUNTOPT configuration variable cannot be used for "-n" option
LU-4660fix osd_bufs_get() error handling
LU-4669compile error on ppc64: __ksymtab_ldiskfs_ext_pblock causes a section type conflict
LU-4691HSM operations mostly fail in striped directories
LU-4723Lustre tests depends from utils but this is not checked
LU-4730clean up "lctl get_param" and "lctl set_param" error reporting
LU-4746Lustre not using kernel current_umask() function breaks GRSecurity umask handling
LU-4749ZFS-backed OST mkfs.lustre --servicenode does not correctly add failover_nids
LU-4755ASSERTION( req->rq_reqbuf_len >= msgsize ) failed when using 4MB RPC
LU-4768ost-survey hangs on client 2.4
LU-4808sanity tests cleanup to work on Xeon Phi
LU-4810Mount command unexpectedly sets block device parameter "max_sectors_kb"
LU-4856osc_lru_reserve()) ASSERTION( atomic_read(cli->cl_lru_left) >= 0 ) failed
LU-4870LFSCK3: Race between layout LFSCK and metadata migration
LU-4871missing newlines at end of error messages
LU-4942lock callback timeout is not per-export
LU-4943Client Failes to mount filesystem
LU-4951DKMS RPM no longer works due to referencing removed modules in its current configuration
LU-4958do not crash accessing LOV object with FID {0, 0}
LU-4969nodemap key hash comparison is broken
LU-4970Test failure sanity-lfsck test_14: ls should success
LU-5003sanity-hsm test_302 llog_write()) ASSERTION( loghandle->lgh_obj != ((void *)0)
LU-5006chown/chgrp doesn't work for files created by lfs setstripe
LU-5023sanity-lfsck test_12: OST lfsck_stop hung
LU-5031obdfilter-survey fixes
LU-5037mpss 3.2.1 fails to build
LU-5038Mount hangs for hours processing some llog
LU-5040kernel BUG at fs/jbd2/transaction.c:1033
LU-5042Recovery Lock Replay
LU-5044not include the .lustre directory in readdir output
LU-5054File creation failure in directory with 16 byte pool name
LU-5075Test failure on test suite sanity-lfsck, subtest test_8 Fail to start LFSCK for namespace!
LU-5079conf-sanity test_47 timeout
LU-5128ASSERTION( atomic_read(&obd->obd_req_replay_clients) == 0 ) failed
LU-5141Only regular files should be archived
LU-5150NULL pointer dereference in posix_acl_valid() under mdc_get_lustre_md()
LU-5156In osp_init_last_seq, the return value of osp_write_local_file is not being checked.
LU-5195HSM: mdt_hsm_cdt_actions.c:104:cdt_llog_process() failed to process HSM_ACTIONS llog
LU-5200New static analysis issues in 2.5.60-26-g0d92e17
LU-5208sanity-lfsck test_18c failure: Expect 3 fixed on mds1, but got: 2
LU-5243lfs.c:1119: undefined reference to `libcfs_log_goto'
LU-5252HSM: update fifo event API and code
LU-5263ll_read_ahead_pages() ASSERTION( page_idx > ria->ria_stoff )
LU-5274ll_statahead_thread() may leak parent, uses parent after dput
LU-5275clean up technical debt for proc_dir_entry changes
LU-5287(ldlm_lib.c:2253:target_queue_recovery_request()) ASSERTION( req->rq_export->exp_lock_replay_needed ) failed
LU-5290Oops in cl_req_completion()
LU-5291Failure to clear ft_flags leads to mmap_sem deadlocks
LU-5299osd_start() LBUG when doing parallel mount of the same target
LU-5304kernel allocated memroy can be memset up to 3 times
LU-5305use after free in ldlm_resource_get()
LU-5308ofd_fs_setup() oopses if ofd_seqs_init() fails
LU-5312sanity test_161a: cannot create regular file '...f.sanity.161a': Input/output error
LU-5323memory leak in lfs_hsm_request()
LU-5325obsolete name in lustre spec file
LU-5327powerpc64 defines __u64 differently for kernel- and user-space
LU-5329Remove obsollete nidtbl swabbing code
LU-5332hsm: mdt_lock_handle_fini()) ASSERTION( !lustre_handle_is_used(&lh->mlh_reg_lh) ) failed
LU-5334Lustre-2.5.2 build fail with intel-mic-ofed-compat-rdma-3.5-OFED.3.5.2.MIC.beta1.2.6.32_431.17.1.el6.x86_64.x86_64
LU-5339replay-dual defines test_24() twice
LU-5342oops in lustre_swab_lmv_user_md() on PPC
LU-5349Deadlock in mdc_close()
LU-5352bad if condition in dt_index_read()
LU-5357GPF in lod_trans_stop()
LU-5358Failure on test suite replay-vbr test_7e
LU-5359sanity-quota test_7a: reintegration failed
LU-5367(mdt_handler.c:2782:mdt_lock_handle_fini()) ASSERTION( !lustre_handle_is_used(&lh->mlh_pdo_lh) ) failed
LU-5370mdt_open_by_fid_lock() may return -EREMOTE without setting lock handle
LU-5371Failure on test suite parallel-scale test_simul
LU-5373Failure on test suite sanity test_33b: FAIL: test_33b failed with 2
LU-5379Get error when has many rules in nrs tbf policy
LU-5380Invalid AT statistic after reconnect
LU-5383New static analysis issues in mount_lustre
LU-5385HSM: do not call the JSON log functions if no log is open
LU-5387Interop 2.5.2<->2.6 failure on test suite sanity test_239: FAIL: 156 not synced
LU-5389llite: optimize ll_fid2path()
LU-5391osd-zfs: ZAP objects use 4K blocks for both indirect and leaf blocks
LU-5394routerstat units
LU-5395lfsck_start not progressing
LU-5396annotations for sparse static analyzer
LU-5397optimize busy loop waiting in class_cleanup()
LU-5398Oops in ldlm_handle_enqueue0()
LU-5399fix lbuild to build ofed 3.12 and daily
LU-5401(mdt_open.c:873:mdt_finish_open()) ASSERTION( ma->ma_valid & MA_INODE ) failed
LU-5403Kernel update [RHEL6.5 2.6.32-431.23.3.el6]
LU-5405Performance issue while using robinhood in changelog mode
LU-5406liblustreapi: remove \n from some llapi_error strings
LU-5410mdd_declare_object_initialize() ignores errors from mdo_declare_ref_add()
LU-5413mdd_write_lock leaks
LU-5414mdt_getattr() may call mdt_fix_reply() without packing reply
LU-5415High ldlm_poold load on client
LU-5416(ofd_objects.c:256:ofd_precreate_objects()) ASSERTION( nr > 0 ) failed
LU-5417lod_load_striping_locked() fails to detect errors from lod_get_lmv_ea()
LU-5418compile fix for code using readline
LU-5422Null pointer dereferences in lu_cache_shrink()
LU-5424Test failuresanity test_154b: create lov data thru .lustre should fail
LU-5427Lustre cannot be compiled with MPSS 3.3
LU-5428LNet: Service thread pid completed after 0.00s (DDN SR34734)
LU-5431lmv_intent_lookup() leaks lock if lmv_revalidate_slaves() fails
LU-5432bogus FIDs cause endless loops in fld_client_rpc()
LU-5434Invalid system.posix_acl_access breaks permissions enforcement
LU-5436lqe should be freed with OBD_SLAB_FREE_PTR()
LU-5442unconditionally include libcfs.h in lustre_idl.h
LU-5446Test timeout lustre-rsync-test test_4: NULL deref osc_sync_interpret+0x147
LU-5451(lod_dev.c:67:lod_fld_lookup()) ASSERTION( fid_is_sane(fid) ) failed: Invalid FID [0x0:0x0:0x0]
LU-5452request leak in lmv_revalidate_slaves()
LU-5453mdt_attr_set() uses EX lock for slave 0, PW for master and other slaves
LU-5455Get EIO errors when loading lustre modules fails
LU-5456ll_hsm_import() calls ll_setattr_raw() without holding i_mutex
LU-5458oops in libcfs_kkuc_group_put
LU-5459(cl_page.c:694:cl_page_assume()) ASSERTION( 0 ) failed
LU-5461mdt_readpage returning - ENOMEM causes directory to be unreadable
LU-5463Short file size because of -EDQUOT
LU-5466suspicious else statement in lfsck_del_target()
LU-5468(mdc_locks.c:130:mdc_set_lock_data()) ASSERTION( old_i node->i_state & I_FREEING ) failed
LU-5474Test failure sanity-hsm test_90: requests did not complete
LU-5475readdir missing a directory
LU-5476Buffer overflow in ll_fid2path
LU-5482lustre-tests rpm need to depend on rsync and attr
LU-5484LMV device not cleaned up after client mount failure
LU-5493New static analysis issues in 2.6.50-112-g01def2b
LU-5496fix for LU-5266
LU-5499testing on single node blocked at sanity test 17m
LU-5507sanity-quota test_18: Oops: IP: lustre_msg_get_opc+0xe/0x110 [ptlrpc]
LU-55102.4.3<->2.5.3 interop: sanity-scrub test_15: FAIL: (7) Expected 'inconsistent' on mds1, but got 'inconsistent,upgrade'
LU-5520BL AST resend
LU-5521grant errors during soak testing with message drop
LU-5522ofd_prolong_extent_locks()) ASSERTION( lock->l_flags & 0x0000000000000020ULL ) failed
LU-5528Race - connect vs resend
LU-5530MDS thread lockup witrh patched 2.5 server
LU-5536LustreError: 11932:0:(tgt_handler.c:478:tgt_filter_recovery_request()) @@@ not permitted during recovery ... o901->soaked-MDT0000-lwp-MDT0001_UUID@
LU-5537ptlrpc_send_reply(): ASSERTION( req->rq_no_reply == 0 ) failed
LU-5540crash in lnet_parse_networks
LU-5543tests of sles11sp3 in lustre-review always fail
LU-5545a lot of warnings like ptlrpc_at_adj_net_latency() Reported service time 7 > total measured time 0
LU-5547(mdt_internal.h:541:mdt_object_child()) ASSERTION( o ) failed
LU-5548avoid list scan in ptlrpcd_check
LU-5549cl_default_mds_easize not refreshed
LU-5551format at ldlm_pool.c:625:ldlm_pool_recalc doesn't end in newline
LU-5552Incorrect file size with -EDQUOT
LU-5556lock timeout expiring while bulk read still in progress (req timeout extended via early reply)
LU-5565(osd_handler.c:1959:osd_attr_set()) ASSERTION( dt_object_exists(dt) && !dt_object_remote(dt) ) failed
LU-5568kernel crash when when network initialization failed
LU-5573Test timeout conf-sanity test_41c
LU-5577comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
LU-5579MDS crashed by "mdt_check_resent_lock()) ASSERTION( lock != NULL ) failed"
LU-5581blocking ast error handling lack eviction for a local errors and some remote.
LU-5584EL7 client: Test failure on test suite runtests, subtest test_1
LU-5586Duplicate "xattr" from sbi_flags under procfs
LU-5587ensure that client code does not require md_object.h
LU-5588mdt: NULL pointer 'obd' can be dereferenced
LU-5589NULL pointer dereferenced without check in lsi_prepare()
LU-5591Null pointer may be dereferenced in lod_ah_init()
LU-5592incorrect check for NULL in ofd_version_get_check()
LU-5600Kernel update [RHEL6.5 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6]
LU-5604Lots of FAIL_ID checking are lost
LU-5606Interop 2.5.2<->2.6 conf-sanity test_41c: mount MDS failed, Input/output error
LU-5607xattr interoperability checks removed. bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('
LU-5622copytool_cleanup function should check/wait for copytool death
LU-5624sanity-lfsck test_9b: Got speed 63, expected more than 64
LU-5626Corruption of MDT “..” entry in non-HTree ldiskfs directories
LU-5631Incorrect swabbing of struct llog_rec_tail
LU-5633not taking rq_lock when modify rq_resend
LU-5635(llog.c:310:llog_process_thread()) ASSERTION( index <= last_index + 1 ) failed:
LU-5639Message is hashed to invalid match-table of LNet request portal test_103a "acl test" fails on el7
LU-5642getxattr failing with EIO
LU-5647Kernel update [RHEL7 3.10.0-123.8.1.el7]
LU-5648corrupt files contain extra data
LU-5650check the MGC's import status in the entry of lprocfs_mgc_rd_ir_state
LU-5651ASSERTION( req->rq_export->exp_lock_replay_needed ) failed
LU-5654MDT 0 failed to set up some OST OSPs when all OSTs were started in parallel for the first time
LU-5656umount hang after racer
LU-5659add timestamps to lhsmtool_posix log messages
LU-5666LLAPI grouplock helpers
LU-5668Enable read verification in ior
LU-5675qsd_reint_index(): II_FL_NONUNQ is set on index transfer for fid, it shouldn't be
LU-5678kernel crash due to NULL pointer dereference in kiblnd_pool_alloc_node()
LU-5684conf-sanity test_56: 'Stripe count not two: 1'
LU-5687several functions ignore the result of dt_declare_*()
LU-5691hsm: Cannot find running request for cookie 0x539b6fc2 on fid=[0x200000bd0:0x5d57:0x0]
LU-5696missing wakeup for ptlrpc_check_set
LU-5700async IO LBUG obj->cob_transient_pages == 0
LU-5702ldlm_handle_enqueue0()) ### delayed lvb init failed (rc -2)
LU-5706conf-sanity test_57a: @@@@@@ FAIL: OST registration from failnode should fail
LU-5707LFSCK 3: cannot load namespace LFSCK tracing file after downgrade from Lustre-2.7
LU-5711Interop 2.5<->2.7 recovery-small test_10b: eviction happened
LU-5721sanity-lfsck test_18f failed for unexpected layout LFSCK status
LU-5722memory allocation deadlock under lu_cache_shrink()
LU-5726MDS buffer not freed when deleting files
LU-5727MDS OOMs with 2.5.3 clients and lru_size != 0
LU-5729VFS: Busy inodes after unmount of loop0. Self-destruct in 5 seconds. Have a nice day...
LU-5731sanity-lfsck test_18a:
LU-5732hsm: sanity check for sane progress extent value
LU-5734LNet dynamic control: lnet_dyn_add_ni() can't clean up failed NI in some cases
LU-5740Kernel upgrade [RHEL6.6 2.6.32-504.el6]
LU-5751misconfiguration crashes cfs_cpt_set_node
LU-5752Missing manpages in
LU-5756hsm: missing return code in llapi_hsm_copytool_register
LU-5759replay-dual test_21b: Restart of mds0 failed
LU-5767LFSCK 3: replace LFSCK RPC with normal OUT RPC to create orphan parent on remote MDT
LU-5771Crashed OSSs when unmounting OST without cleanuping orphan inodes properly
LU-5777reserve enough credits for chown/chgrp operation
LU-5778MDS not creating files on OSTs properly
LU-5779sanity-hsm test_70: Copytool failed to send unregister event to FIFO
LU-5791LFSCK 5: use bottom object for consistency verification
LU-5807enable QOS_DEBUG
LU-5808Invalid llog records due to loose check of llog name
LU-5813DLC: typo in route show help
LU-5816Silence misleading kernel message"task tgt_recov:XXX blocked for more than 120 seconds"
LU-5817cl_put_grouplock()) ASSERTION( cg->cg_gid ) failed
LU-5824auster -h gives wrong example
LU-5825Kernel update [RHEL7 3.10.0-123.9.2.el7]
LU-5828DLC: Cannot verify if the routing buffer has been set or not
LU-5830use lustre_rmmod in lnet start/stop script
LU-5831New static analysis issues in lfsck
LU-5832New static analysis issues in lustre_rsync
LU-5833sanity-lfsck test_6b: namespace lfsck completed unexpectedly
LU-5837ll_getparent improvements
LU-5838DLC: inconsistent nameing of seqno vs seq_no
LU-5842sanity-sec tests 13 and 14 use a lot more time than necessary
LU-5843recovery-small test 61 syntax error
LU-5848sanity-lfsck test_18e: MDS is not the expected 'completed'
LU-5849DLC: parse networks function needs to return the number of parsed networks
LU-5851Handle LU-4606 packaging changes for Lustre Server DKMS RPM
LU-5853el7 build broken
LU-5854DLC: lnetctl import failed as Failed to handle token:2 [state=0, rc=-1]
LU-5855sanity-lfsck does not work under ZFS-based DNE mode
LU-5857catastrophe cannot be found: “error: get_param: /proc/{fs,sys}/{lnet,lustre}/catastrophe: Found no match”
LU-5858lu_object_find_slice() returns NULL and ERR_PTRs
LU-5859Running lfs changelog with no registered user results in LBUG
LU-5861DLC: lnet startup script doesn't invoke lnetctl properly
LU-5862Jobstats tracking in changelogs doesn't support jobid_var=disable
LU-5863Can't mount MGS due to label being less than 8 characters long.
LU-5864New static analysis issues in lfs
LU-5865New static analysis issues in lfsck
LU-5867LFSCK: --create_mdtobj flag does not work for ‘lctl lfsck_start’
LU-5870New static analysis issues in llite
LU-5871Do not return -EAGAIN in lod_object_init
LU-5873:osd_do_bio()) ASSERTION( iobuf->dr_rw == 0 ) failed
LU-5874DLC: the ongoing traffic was interrupted after adding a new network interface
LU-5875DLC: failed adding an existing network interface when there is traffic ongoing
LU-5878lfs migrate sends file to stdout
LU-5885LFSCK 3: ‘lctl lfsck_start -t namespace’ Not Progressing Under Remove Workload
LU-5889sanity test 102k failed on sparc
LU-5892lfsck_needs_scan_dir() LBUG
LU-5893Kernel update [RHEL7 3.10.0-123.9.3.el7]
LU-5894DNE II Testing: 2.4/2.5 clients unable to create remote directories against current master servers
LU-5905Interop 2.6.0<->master conf-sanity test_56: import is not in FULL state
LU-5909Kernel update [RHEL6.6 2.6.32-504.1.3.el6]
LU-5912locking flaw generates logged errors
LU-5914LFSCK: dt_lookup()) LBUG
LU-5916OST pool inheritence is no longer persistent (no LOV EA for child directory)
LU-5924conf-sanity test_32b: list verification failed
LU-5928sanity test_133f timeout: lprocfs_exp_nodemap_seq_show() oops
LU-5932test scripts fail to load ptlrpc_gss module
LU-5933FIEMAP: FIEMAP_EXTENT_LAST is not always set
LU-5935Correcy lnetctl utilities errors discovered during testing
LU-5950Clients fail to connect following OSS failover in file system with 8 MDSs
LU-5951sanity test_39k: mtime is lost on close
LU-5957Broken layout after swapping layouts with unstriped files
LU-5961Concurrent mount of ZFS targets fails when modules are not loaded
LU-5963wrong hashing in LU-4647
LU-5982sanity-lfsck test_29c: (8) unexpected status, test_30: timeout
LU-5983builds broken by LU-5275 fix
LU-5986conf-sanity test_83, test_84: failed to start OST
LU-5990lnet_prepare() should return errno on failure
LU-5996fix to check coding style in .sh files
LU-5997NULL pointer dereferecing in class_process_proc_seq_param() on lctl conf_param
LU-6002DLC: startup acceptor dynamically.
LU-6010DLC: LNetFini() assert is hit if lustre_rmmod without bringing down NI
LU-6011Kernel update [RHEL7 3.10.0-123.13.1.el7]
LU-6012sanity-scrub test_6 test_7 test_8 test_9 test_10a: expected 'inconsistent' but got 'inconsistent,auto'
LU-6018Can not compile against OFED compat-rdma
LU-60215 new static analysis issues in lnetconfig
LU-6023undefined symbol: is_selinux_enabled from
LU-6024ACLs aren't nodemapped properly in mdt_finish_open
LU-6025lctl nodemap commands stop working in interactive mode
LU-6026sanity-sec test_17: test trusted_noadmin:0:c0:0:000 expected 0 0, got 1 1
LU-6027Issues with EAs of orphan files and EAs with empty values
LU-6029conf-sanity test_84: recovery_duration > recovery_time_hard
LU-6031Interop 2.5.3<->master recovery-small test_10d: file contents differ
LU-6033sanity-scrub test_13: (5) ls should fail
LU-6035Kernel update [RHEL6.6 2.6.32-504.3.3.el6]
LU-6042racer test_1: osc_object_ast_clear()) LBUG
LU-6043DLC: lnetctl import does not configure any networks
LU-6045DLC: Address a minor inconsistency between net and route adding behavior
LU-6046must update cl_object.h now that cl_lock_state is removed.
LU-6048Kernel update [RHEL7 3.10.0-123.13.2.el7]
LU-6050Master testing: Unable to set striping after master downgrade to 2.5
LU-6055sanity-hsm file_creation_failure sends df output to stdout
LU-6056sanity-hsm uses bash's local built-in incorrectly
LU-6058test-framework should log to stderr
LU-6059missing unlock in error path of ll_lov_setstripe_ea_info()
LU-6060ARF doesn't detect lack of interface on a router
LU-6063conf-sanity test_76a fails on RHEL7, SLES12
LU-6066lfsck_namespace_repair_nlink() ASSERTION( (((lfsck_object_type(obj)) & 00170000) == 0100000) ) failed
LU-6071LBUG during mkdir -i 1 from 2.6.0 client to 2.5.3 server
LU-6073lustre/tests/*.c should use sys/xattr.h rather than attr/xattr.h
LU-6075Interop 2.6.0<->2.7 sanity-scrub test_7: D process in MDS
LU-6076sanity test_124a: test requires prior tests to be run first
LU-6079missing NR_CPUS definition in socklnd
LU-6080Posix copytool should unregister FIFO on signal
LU-6082sanity-sec test_16: test failed to respond and timed out
LU-6084Tests are failed due to 'recovery is aborted by hard timeout'
LU-6085racer stuck on mutex_lock in ll_setattr_raw()
LU-6087sanity test_300b: mtime not change after create
LU-6088racer test_1: mutex deadlock in sys_open->do_lookup
LU-6091FIEMAP returns empty result until stat(2) should propagate $TRUNCATE to remote clients
LU-6099DLC: YAML output must adhere to parsing rules
LU-6101sanity test_24A: Can not delete directories
LU-6102OI scrub is triggered during racer test
LU-6109LFSCK gets "inconsistent" flag and won't stop fails
LU-6114fix run_metabench() to be run with additional metabench options
LU-6115sanity test_133g defect: missing return after "skip"
LU-6120sanity-lfsck test_18f: OST LFSCK should not do pass 2 orphan cleanup on error
LU-6125sanity test_27i defect: missing test_mkdir()
LU-6127racer test is broken after LU-3072 commit
LU-6128LNet: Problem handling error when lnet_check_routes() fail.
LU-6138lfsck_namespace not progressing and lfsck_stop hangs
LU-6146LFSCK fall into wait for ever because of race condition when check/set cfs_fail_val
LU-6147sanity-lfsck test_4: '(7) unexpected status'
LU-6154striped directory on ZFS
LU-6162Kernel update [RHEL6.6 2.6.32-504.8.1.el6]
LU-6166bugs of lustre_rsync
LU-6167endless loop in lustre_rsync
LU-6171Kernel update [RHEL7 3.10.0-123.20.1.el7]
LU-6199ldiskfs kernel warnings at ldiskfs_flush_unwritten_io+0x74
LU-6216Compilation error libtool on ppc64
LU-6222LustreError (statahead.c:262:sa_kill()) ASSERTION( !list_empty(&entry->se_list) )
LU-6230open handle leak
LU-6231LFSCK 5: prepare OUT RPC after the remote transaction start
LU-6235sanity-scrub test_13 test failed to respond and timed out
LU-6239lnetctl man pages missing from rpms
LU-6256Interop 2.6.0<->2.7 sanity test_184e: trusted.lov: No such attribute
LU-6272sanity-lfsck test_17: MDS deadlock
LU-6307Interop 2.6.0<->2.7 recovery-small test_105: MGS refused the connection from different version MDT
LU-6312soft lockup in sanity-lfsck test_18f
LU-6321Clean downgrade from 2.7.0 to 2.6.0 failed: fail to init namespace LFSCK component: rc = -5

Technical Tasks

LU-2675LU-2753 clang: code cleanups for sparse static analyzer
LU-3852LU-3647 sanity-hsm test_251: client26-vm "dd: no space left on device"
LU-3939LU-3647 Test failure on test suite sanity-hsm, subtest test_40
LU-3962LU-3953 Fix horrible file names in standard path
LU-4259LU-3300 No brw_stats on ZFS
LU-4836LU-4788 LFSCK 3 Test Plan
LU-4974LU-1892 Doxygen comments - lod module
LU-4975LU-1892 Doxygen comments - ofd module
LU-4976LU-1892 Doxygen comments - osp module
LU-5104LU-3953 Split binaries across packages more smart
LU-5330LU-5030 remove deprecated full path tunable access in lustre config utils
LU-5360LU-1669 Test timeout sanity-hsm test_13
LU-5506LU-4788 LFSCK 3: Skip orphan objects handling for failed servers
LU-5508LU-4788 LFSCK 3: RPC adjustment for remote transaction
LU-5509LU-4788 LFSCK 3: get PFID from linkEA for remote directory on ldiskfs
LU-5511LU-4788 LFSCK 3: repair unmatched distributed parent-child pairs
LU-5512LU-4788 LFSCK 3: repair dangling name entry
LU-5513LU-4788 LFSCK 3: repair multiple referenced name entry
LU-5515LU-4788 LFSCK 3: repair bad file type in name entry
LU-5516LU-4788 LFSCK 3: repair the lost name entry
LU-5517LU-4788 LFSCK 3: repair invalid nlink count
LU-5518LU-4788 LFSCK 3: recover client visible objects from the backend /lost+found directory
LU-5519LU-4788 LFSCK 3: verify striped directory
LU-5941LU-5465 make lustre-dkms require
LU-1214PTLRPC related modules cleanup
LU-5502High level description of three modules and relationships
LU-6068update Intel copyright messages for 2014
LU-6105Update ZFS/SPL version to 0.6.3-1.2
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