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Lustre 2.6.0 was released in July of 2014. This is its test matrix.

Server Support

Client Support

RHEL 6.5, 
CentOS 6.5

RHEL 6.5, 
CentOS 6.5, 

As well as ongoing stability improvements, there are new features in the Lustre 2.6.0 release.





LFSCK Phase 2 MDT-OST Consistency Check and RepairAllows the MDS to verify the consistency of a Lustre filesystem while it is mounted and in use, how including the ability to check and repair the OST objects of regular files are valid, as well as identify and remove OST objects that are not referenced by an files on the MDS.LU-1267 
DNE2: Striped DirectoryThis will allow a single directory to be striped across multiple MDTs to improve single directory performance and scalabilityLU-3531This feature is a technology preview
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