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  1. great, we definitely need this because we have new engineers, :-)

  2. I would like to see some coverage of documentation standards in the coding guidelines. I would be nice if we started requiring functions and their parameters to be documented using something like the kernel-doc format:

     * foobar() - short function description of foobar
     * @arg1:       Describe the first argument to foobar.
     * @arg2:       Describe the second argument to foobar.
     *              One can provide multiple line descriptions
     *              for arguments.
     * A longer description, with more discussion of the function foobar()
     * that might be useful to those using or modifying it.  Begins with
     * empty comment line, and may include additional embedded empty
     * comment lines.
     * The longer description can have multiple paragraphs.

    This would be very helpful for new Lustre developers.

    1. Lustre uses DOxygen comment format, but otherwise I agree.