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STATUS: This page is no longer maintained. Please see Test Descriptions for current test descriptions.

This page provides quick description on auster tests.

Simple basic regression test that verifies data persistence across write, unmount, and remount. This is one of the few tests that verifies data integrity across a full filesystem shutdown and remount, unlike many tests which at most only verify the existence/size of files.

A set of regression tests that verify operation under normal operating conditions. This tests a large number of unusual operations that have previously caused functional or data correctness issues with Lustre. Some of the tests are Lustre specific, and hook into the Lustre fault injection framework using the "lctl set_param fail_loc=X" command to activate triggers in the code to simulate unusual operating conditions that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to simulate.

The file system exerciser was developed outside of Lustre and is intended to stress test unusual IO and file operations. It does buffered and mmap reads and writes with random size and offset, truncate, open, close on a file. It verifies data integrity after each step. A lustre-developed extension allows fsx to run against multiple mountpoints to verify distributed IO operation correctness.

Tests that verify operations from two clients under normal operating conditions. This is done by mounting the same filesystem twice on a single client, in order to allow a single script/program to execute and verify filesystem operations on multiple "clients" without having to be a distributed program itself.

Tests e2fsck and lfsck to detect and fix filesystem corruption

Runs a test linked to a liblustre client library

A set of unit tests that verify recovery after MDS failure

A set of unit tests that verify the configuration tools, and runs Lustre with multiple different setups to ensure correct operation in unusual system configurations.

A set of unit tests that verify RPC replay after communications failure

A set of unit tests that verify recovery after OST failure

A set of unit tests that verify the recovery from two clients after server failure

A set of tests that verify the multiple concurrent failure conditions

A set of tests that verify filesystem quotas

The is a wrapper which is normally used to run all (or any) of these scripts. In additional it is used to run the following pre-installed benchmarks:

Dbench benchmark for simulating N clients to produce the filesystem load

Bonnie++ benchmark for creation, reading, and deleting many small files

Iozone benchmark for generating and measuring a variety of file operations.

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