This document outlines tasks that need to be completed in order for UDSP to be implemented as a feature of LNet. This document shall also be used to track the tasks progress.


User Defined Selection Policy is an LNet feature described here (link). The feature has been signed off, so implementation is ready to commence. The implementation effort shall include work on modifications to the LNet code as well as introduction of new test scripts as part of LUTF framework (link) that is being developed in parallel. 

Implementation Tasks

JIRA issue #Status

LU-9121 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UDSP introduction to LNet patch series

Code complete,

Able to build,

Under review

LU-10973 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LUTF introduction

Verification Tasks

JIRA issue #Status
(N/A) Verification against feature requirement specificationIn progress
(N/A) Add LUTF tests for UDSP featureDid not start
(N/A) Regression test UDSP feature (not using LUTF)Did not start
(N/A) Test UDSP feature using LUTF test suiteDid not start


Term Meaning
UDSPUser Defined Selection Policy
LUTFLNet Unit Test Framework