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The latest maintenance release of Lustre is is **Lustre 2.1.1 * and the latest feature release of Lustre is is *Lustre 2.2.  Both Both are available from the the **Whamcloud download page. 

You can find out more detailed information of these releases in the Lustre 2.1 Change Log and Lustre 2.2 Change Log , respectively.


Whamcloud invests a huge amount of time and resources into ensuring that every release is of high quality. However, Whamcloud recognizes that many Lustre users would rather run a release that is well-proven in production, and will be supported over a longer time, even if it means foregoing some of the newer features. To meet the needs of these customers, Whamcloud designates a certain release to be its maintenance release stream and produces regular bugfix only updates for this release stream. These releases are what the majority of Whamcloud's customers choose to run in production. 

Feature Releases and Roadmap