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Set up the MGS, MDT, and MDS


  1. connect to client-10

    Code Block
    rlogin -l root client-10
  2. Load the Lustre client module

    Code Block
    modprobe lustre
  3. NOTE: The client is available from
  4. Mount the lustre filesystem

    Code Block
    mount -t lustre /mnt



Lustre servers persist through a reboot.

  1. Add mount command for MGS, MDS, and MDT to /etc/fstabon client-11

    Code Block
    /dev/sda4               /mgsmdt_mount           lustre  defaults,_netdev        0 0
  2. Add mount command for OST and OSS to /etc/fstabon client-12

    Code Block
    /dev/sda4               /ostoss_mount           lustre  defaults,_netdev        0 0