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These tables show which versions of Linux distributions were used at the time of release testing. It can be possible to use some other variations. Please contact us if you are interested to confirm whether it is possible to


get commercial support for something outside of these options. You can also try reaching out on the Lustre mailing list to see if other community members have experiences to share.

Lustre Community Releases


Lustre Version2.
Release Date2018-12-212019-04-302019-05-262019-10-212020-02-112020-06-082020-12-09
ServerRHEL 7.6RHEL 7.6RHEL 7.6RHEL 7.7RHEL 7.7RHEL 7.8RHEL 7.9
ClientRHEL 7.6, SLES12 SP3, Ubuntu 18.04RHEL 7.6, SLES12 SP3, SLES12 SP4, Ubuntu 18.04RHEL 7.6, SLES12 SP3, SLES12 SP4, Ubuntu 18.04

RHEL 7.7,

RHEL 8.0,

SLES12 SP4, Ubuntu 18.04

RHEL 7.7,

RHEL 8.1,

SLES12 SP4, Ubuntu 18.04

RHEL 7.8,

RHEL 8.2,

SLES12 SP5, Ubuntu 18.04

RHEL 7.9,

RHEL 8.3,

SLES12 SP5, Ubuntu 18.04

e2fsprogs1.44.3.wc1 or later1.44.5.wc1 or later1.44.5.wc1 or later1.45.2.wc1 or later1.45.2.wc1 or later1.45.6.wc1 or later1.45.6.wc2 or later

Major Release Support Matrix

Lustre Version2.82.92.10*2.112.12*2.132.14
Release Date2016-032016-122017-07-132018-04-032018-12-212019-12-52021-02-19
ServerRHEL 7.2RHEL 7.2RHEL 7.3RHEL 7.4RHEL 7.6RHEL 7.7RHEL 8.3
ClientRHEL 7.2, SLES11 SP4RHEL 7.2, SLES12 SP1RHEL 6.9, RHEL 7.3, SLES12 SP2, Ubuntu 16.04RHEL 6.9, RHEL 7.4, SLES12 SP3, Ubuntu 16.04RHEL 7.6, SLES12 SP3, Ubuntu 18.04RHEL 7.7, SLES12 SP4, Ubuntu 18.04RHEL 8.3, SLES15 SP2, Ubuntu 20.04
e2fsprogs1.42.13.wc6 or later1.42.13.wc6 or later1.42.13.wc6 or later1.42.13.wc6 or later1.44.3.wc1 or later1.45.2.wc1 or later1.45.6.wc5 or later

* Denotes feature release that is the current LTS release stream, using the latest LTS release is preferred.


Whamcloud Cloud Edition Support Matrix

CE Version

Release Date09.15.201804.09.201905.18.201910.09.201901.07.2021
Lustre Base2.

 CentOS 7.4 (self support)

RHEL 7.4 (Premier support)

CentOS 7.6CentOS 7.6

 CentOS 7.6 (self support)

RHEL 7.6 (Premier support)

CentOS 7.9 (self support)
ClientsRHEL / CentOS 6.xCentOS 7.6CentOS 7.6RHEL / CentOS 7.6CentOS 7.9

RHEL / CentOS 7.x

Former LTS Release Support Matrix