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Lustre is a massively parallel filesystem typically used in domains where designed for high-performance, large-scale data is critical.

Lustre is mature , free (GPL2) and open source . Fifteen of top 30 and seven of top ten world supercomputers use Lustre filesystem as storage, including the fastest: Tianhe-1A at the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin, China; second fastest Jaguar at Oak Ridge National Laboratory(GPLv2), running stably in production at many thousands of sites around the world.  Over 75% of the top 100 fastest supercomputers in the world rely on Lustre for their storage needs, and have been for over 10 years.

If you need lots of data , fast and reliably, Lustre might be the right choice for you.value being able to use any vendor's block storage and want to become part of a world-wide open community, then Lustre is a good choice. 

New to Lustre?

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Getting started with Lustre

Lustre Essentials

The latest stability release of Lustre is Lustre 1.8.5 and the latest feature release of Lustre is Lustre 2.0. Both are available from the Whamcloud download page

Lustre Tools


Lustre Development

Community Tools: Existing Whamcloud toolset material and contribution information - needs something better to glue it all together

Download Lustre Releases and related Lustre Tools


Lustre Development

Test Tools Environment

Lustre Documentation

Lustre Support

Whamcloud provides unparalleled Lustre support. Whamcloud service covers Linux Lustre environments regardless of size, complexity, or type of servers or storage. Specifics as to what is supported  Specific details are listed in the [Lustre Support Matrix|PUB:Support Matrix] page.

If you would like to discuss support options, please contact us

Lustre Community

Lustre Community ResourcesDevelopment in Progress

Community NewsCommunity Job Boardresources and Mail Lists 

Lustre Events