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$ /usr/lib64/lustre/tests/auster -h
Usage auster [options]  suite [suite options] [suite [suite options]]
Run Lustre regression tests suites.
      -c CONFIG Test environment config file
      -d LOGDIR Top level directory for logs
      -D FULLLOGDIR Full directory for logs
      -f STR    Config name (cfg/<name>.sh)
      -g GROUP  Test group file (Overrides tests listed on command line)
      -S TESTSUITE First test suite to run allows for restarts
      -H        Honor the EXCEPT and ALWAYS_EXCEPT list when --only is used
      -i N      Repeat tests N times (default 1). A new directory
                will be created under LOGDIR for each iteration.
      -k        Don't stop when subtests fail
      -R        Remount lustre between tests
      -r        Reformat (during initial configuration if needed)
      -s        SLOW=yes
      -v        Verbose mode
      -l        Send logs to the Maloo database after run
                  (can be done later by running
      -h        This help.

Suite options
These are suite specific options that can be specified after each suite on
the command line.
   suite-name  [options]
      --only LIST         Run only specific list of subtests
      --except LIST       Skip list of subtests
      --start-at SUBTEST  Start testing from subtest
      --stop-at SUBTEST   Stop testing at subtest
      --time-limit LIMIT  Don't allow this suite to run longer
                          than LIMT seconds. [UNIMPLEMENTED]

Example usage:
Run all of sanity and all of replay-single except for 70b with SLOW=y using
the default "local" configuration.

  auster -s sanity replay-single --except 70b

Run all tests in the regression group 5 times using large config.

  auster -f large -g test-groups/regression -i 5


Code Block
# cd /usr/lib64/lustre/tests
edit cfg/

See Lustre Test Tools Environment Variable for more infomationinformation
Make sure partitions on the disks are setup
If using real devices, make sure to set MDS_MOUNT_OPTS, OST_MOUNT_OPTS = ""
If there is more than one clients set RCLIENTS=<list of remote clients>

# ./auster -rvf testfs runtests (or any other test suite)


Many Lustre test suites have subtests that test the same feature or functionality. These tests are numbered with an integer followed by a letter. If a test suite has tests with the same number with different letters appended, then you can run all tests with the same number, all letters, by specifying only the number in the "--only" list of tests.


will run tests 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, and 2e.

Using By default, using the "--only" flag overrides the ALWAYS_EXCEPT list in the test suite script and will execute a test in the "--only" list even if the same test is on the ALWAYS_EXCEPT list. For example, assume test suite has ALWAYS_EXCEPT=”2c 3 4” defined, running


will run tests 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, and 3 even though test 2c and test 3 are on the ALWAYS_EXCEPT list.

Auster provides a way to override this default behavior of ignoring the ALWAYS_EXCEPT list when using --only by using the '-H' flag. 

Code Block
./auster -H abc --only "2 3"

will run tests 2a, 2b, 2d and 2e only. The ALWAYS_EXCEPT list is honored and tests 2c and 3 are skipped.

If you specify a test that does not exist in the "--only" list of tests to run, no warning or error messages are printed. For example, running


Code Block
./auster -k -v abc --except 1-7
./auster -k -v abc --except “1-7”