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3.6/FC18 Server Patches.LU-1812 
LFSCK Phase 2 - MDT-OST consistencyTraverse all inodes in an MDT and verify their corresponding objects on the OSTs exist. This work is part of the OpenSFS contract awarded to Whamcloud. LFSCK Architecture and Design Docs available soonLU-3335 
HSM - CoordinatorToday Coordinator runs in the MDT layer, code need to be reorganized to achieve a better layering MDT/MDD so some changes can be made in a single transactionLU-2061 
HSM - Copy toolThe copy tool is the HSM component which moves data between Lustre and an external storage system. This feature will be for POSIX copy tool which can use any POSIX-compliant filesystem as a backend target system. The copy tool is used for all the sanity tests made for HSM features ( 
LNET Router PrioritiesAdds a parameter to route module parameters which sets a priority number for that route. Routes with the smallest priority number will be favored over ones with larger numbersLU-2934 
enable server builds for sles11sp2Enabling sles11sp2 server builds in our build and test framework.LU-3337 
HSM - Disaster Recovery Support - Master Landings LU-3362 
Access to a relasead file trigs a restore LU-3432 
HSM Activity Monitoring - Master Landings LU-2060 
HSM - Changes to Test Framework - Landing to Master LU-2064 
HSM Import Support - Master landings LU-3363 
DNE Support with HSM - Master landings

This implements:

  • management of HSM requests to several MDT coordinators
  • copytool registration to several MDT coordinators
  • coordinator to copytool communications with several MDT coordinators
kernel update [SLES11 SP3] LU-3567 
osp_sync.c:356:osp_sync_interpret()) ASSERTION( req->rq_transno == 0 ) failed LU-3892