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The main advantage of Lustre, a global parallel file system, over NFS and SAN file systems is that it provides; wide scalability, both in performance and storage capacity; a global name space, and the ability to distribute very large files across many nodes. Because large files are shared across many nodes in the typical cluster environment, a parallel file system, such as Lustre, is ideal for high end HPC cluster I/O systems. This is why it is in such widespread use today, and why at Whamcloud we at Intel's High Performance Data Division we have over 30 senior Lustre engineers dedicated to its support, service, and continued feature enhancements.


The Lustre parallel file system is well suited for large HPC cluster environments and has capabilities that fulfill important I/O subsystem requirements. The Lustre file system is designed to provide cluster client nodes with shared access to file system data in parallel. Lustre enables high performance by allowing system architects to use any common storage technologies along with high-speed interconnects. Lustre file systems also can scale well as an organization’s storage needs grow. And by providing multiple paths to the physical storage, the Lustre file system can provide high availability for HPC clusters. And maybe best of all, Lustre is now supported by Whamcloud and Intel's High Performance Data Division and its many partners.