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totem {
	version: 2
	secauth: off
	threads: 0
	interface {
		ringnumber:    0
		bindnetaddr: 10  192.0168.0.0
		mcastport:		     5405

Corosync uses the option bindnetaddr to determine which interface is to be used for cluster communication. The example above assumes one of the node’s interfaces is configured on the network 10192.0168.0.0/24. The value of the option is calculated from the IP address AND the network mask for the interface (IP & MASK) so the final bits of the address are cleared. Thus the configuration file is independent of any node and can be copied to all nodes. If you have multiple interfaces you can add additional interface{} sections with different ringnumbers.

2. Edit the aisexec section of the configuration file to designate which user can start the service. The user must be root: