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About Cloud Edition

EXAScaler Cloud is a scalable, parallel file system purpose-built for AI, HPC and other big data workloads. Ideally suited for dynamic, pay-as-you-go applications, from rapid simulation and prototyping to cloud bursting peak HPC workloads, EXAScaler Cloud helps maximize storage performance and cost-effectiveness with GCP.

Please Note: EXAScaler is a cluster solution that REQUIRES multiple instances. Please be aware that the pricing details may vary depending on your cluster configuration.

Launching EXAScaler on Google Marketplace

Install Guide

Instructions for setting up a cluster can be found here:

Setup a EXAScaler Cloud on Google Cloud Platform

Support Details

EXAScaler Cloud is supported by the experts at DDN. Product support includes software updates, patches, and fixes to ensure a stable, flexible, and robust storage environment that leverages the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure.

Engaging Support


Please email


Information Requested


When reporting an issue be as specific as possible about its nature (installation, configuration, and so on), and include information about the instance types and any underlying software used in your configuration, including: 

    • What is the name of the site/installation?
    • Which operating system (OS) and OS version are you using?
    • Number of Object Storage Servers (OSS)?
    • Number of Metadata Servers (MDS)?


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